Frequently Asked Questions


What’s Doc’s Magic Oil used for?

Short Answer

A variety of problems

Long Answer

People using Doc’s Magic Oil have reported relief from:

Arthritis – pain, swelling, stiffness

Joint pain and swelling

Muscle – aches, soreness, overuse, pain, strain

Skin – speeds healing and relieves pain, dryness and itching of

minor abrasions, burns, psoriasis, insect bites, small cuts

rashes and athletes foot

Can I use it for other problems?

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Long Answer

People using Doc’s Magic Oil have reported using it to:

Open congested nasal passages, reduces stress, aid in sound sleep

and relieve headaches

How do I use Doc’s Magic Oil?

Short Answer

Apply the oil with the roll on applicator directly to the skin 

of the area you wish to affect.

Long Answer

Doc’s Magic Oil is for external use only . Do not swallow it or take it internally.

For joint muscle and skin issues apply it directly to the affected area. If the skin 

is broken wait 24 hours until the skin is not broken to apply the oil. 

On burns use immediately unless the skin is broken or blistered, wait 24 hrs. to

apply. To lift mood, aid in sleep or relieve stuffy nose or sinuses, apply to the tip 

of the nose or the upper lip. For headache relief apply to the neck muscles at 

the base of the head and temples.

How often should I apply it?

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Long Answer

The biggest mistake people make using Doc’s Magic Oil is applying it too

infrequently. This is true for the use of almost all herbal and essential oil

remedies. The general populace has been conditioned to use pharmaceuticals

which only apply the active ingredient of the plant to achieve results. This approach

is fraught with too many issues to cover here. The main one, however, is negative

side effects. 

Because essential oils and herbs use more of their complete biochemistry,

not just the main active ingredient, side effects are minimal to non-existent. When used 

in sufficient amounts essential oils are potent and effective.

While many report immediate results chronic or acute issues may need frequent application

to respond. People applying the oil once or twice an hour report the best results. We are

each so individual and unique results may vary. Some experimentation may be necessary 

to find what works best for you

I have sensitive skin. Can I still use Doc’s Magic Oil?

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Long Answer

Although no one has had a negative response to using Doc’s Magic Oil,

if you feel or know you have sensitive skin, it is best to consult your health

care provider before use. Then you may apply Doc’s Magic Oil to a small 

area ( ½” square) on the inside of your forearm. Apply liberally to this area

then wait a minimum of 2 hours to see how your skin responds. If you have

no negative reaction then begin by applying the oil to this same area once

an hour for 2 hours. If you still have no negative reaction you may begin to

apply the oil in other areas using the same process. If at any point you 

have a negative response cease use immediately and consult your health care


Will I get high using Doc’s Magic Oil?

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Long Answer

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psycho active ingredient in cannabis.

Our oil contains only trace amounts of THC. In addition 

THC is lipid (fat) soluble therefore very little if any THC would 

enter the bloodstream via transdermal (through the skin) delivery. 

The information in FAQ's is not intended as medical advise.


Does Doc’s Magic Oil contain THC?

Short Answer

Yes. Roughly 0.1 - 0.2%

Long answer

Doc’s Magic Oil is made using the oil of the industrial hemp plant.

By law all therapeutic hemp oil must contains 3 % or less THC. 

As with all industrial therapeutic CBD our oil contains trace

amounts of THC. Our oil has 2.3% THC by lab assay. The

process of blending the CBD oil, essential

oils and high MCT coconut oil for Doc’s Magic Oil reduces the 

initial amount of THC. 

If I use Doc’s Magic Oil will I test positive for marijuana (THC)?

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Long Answer

The CBD in Doc’s Magic Oil does not actually enter the bloodstream it 

interacts with the peripheral nervous system. Only trace amounts of 

THC enter the blood stream. As a result, people that

use our topicals have not tested positive for THC in drug tests.

How long will the 5 mL bottle last?

Short answer

Most people find a 5 ml bottle lasts about 1 month even with

frequent application to an average size area. (4”x4”)

Long answer

With that said. The length of time it takes to use a 5 ml bottle is 

determined by two factors; the frequency of application and the 

size of the area to which the oil is applied. More frequent application 

to a large surface area uses up the oil faster. Less frequent application

or a smaller area of application or both uses the oil more slowly.

Can I sell Doc’s Magic Oil?

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Long Answer

Doc’s Magic Oil is sold by professional health care

providers: massage therapist, chiropractors, physical

therapist, nurse practitioners and licensed apothecaries.

If your health care provider, therapist or apothecary is not

carrying Doc’s Magic Oil please have them contact us for

wholesale consideration.