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Didn't think it would work


I'm 74 and tried so many things that didn't work. First I thought it was just another lineament but then the smaller bottle indicated it might be different and the price was right. So what the heck. It absorbed quick. I was so surprised how fast my knees felt better and were less swollen the next day.

Jack N. from NM

Wanted Help without the High


I drive long haul and get drug tested. I wanted the cannibis help without the high. I can't afford to test positive. This stuff helps my back ache and doesn't smell like medicine. Been using it alot for a couple months now with no positive drug test.

Don L. from TX

It Really is Magic

Thank you so much for sending me your magic oil. I used it on myself and shared it all over the neighborhood. The consensus is that it really is magic! My neighbor was really suffering with sciatic pain. She tried your oil, and refuses to give it back... lol. It has helped her tremendously. Likewise for me... it seems to instantly take away the pain and inflammation that flares up from an old elbow injury.

Sandy F. from TN

Bug Bites Yikes!

Wanted to write to you about your oil. I have used it to great positive
effect for various joint, bone, muscle issues.  I live next to a wetlands and in the Spring I get attacked by Kissing 

Bugs which draw blood and leave a nasty bite that causes a local reaction and itches like crazy. Sure enough, I got my first bite of the year and decided to apply the oil to the bite site and surrounding area. Within minutes it stopped itching, stopped swelling
and within 20 minutes had no discomfort and could not even tell I had
been bitten.

J.N. from NM

I try it on anything


I drive a lot for my job and my hands hurt from gripping the wheel. At first I used it on areas of pain in my hands from driving. I noticed in about 45min my hands were relaxed and pain free. Then I noticed it reduced inflammation from some scratches and nicks on my hands. I had a cough so I rubbed it on my throat to see if it would relieve my cough. It did.  I like the aroma and it opens me up thru my sinuses. Now I try it on whatever hurts. I have bought several bottles to give to friend and family. The small size of the bottle with the roller tip is especially handy and useful. I keep it in my pocket all the time!

Steve from NM

Didn't Smell Like Medicine


"I get pain in my right thigh when I stand for more than 15 minutes. Last night I was preparing dinner and my thigh was really hurting. I rolled on some of Doc's Magic Oil and within minutes, the pain was gone. I have tried a lot of things and this worked like magic. It didn't smell like medicine and I love the roll on application, Would highly recommend you try it out."

Pam H   NM

Low Back Pain

 "I suffer from lower back pain and this oil seems to help. I will continue using it for this and try it for other pains."    

Janey C

Relieves Sinus Congestion

I’ve been using Docs Magic Oil for six weeks and I highly recommend it. It has helped relieve sinus pain and congestion, neck and low back aches and pain. And no more itch after applying to mosquito bites. The consistency is just right and easy to apply with the roll on top. I will continue to keep a bottle on hand for future aches and pains.

Nancy W   NM

Massage Therapist Great Results!

I've swiped Doc's Magic Oil on some clients and on my own arthritic knees. The results are great! So good that I've just ordered 5 bottles to pass out to my clients and fellow practitioners.

Thanks for your product and making it affordable.

Valerie L Licensed Massage Therapist

Portland, OR

Doc's Review - Kinda

This is Doc. 

I've been a healthcare professional all my adult life. I've always sought techniques and products for my patients that were effective, inexpensive and easy to use. Doc's Magic Oil fits all three. Each bottle is filled with the same intent I have in each of my hands on sessions. Love, healing, ease, balance and an unshakable trust that your body can heal itself with right input at the right time. 

I am proud to offer you Doc's Magic Oil  knowing that if you are reading this it's probably the right thing at the right time.

Doc from Docs' Magic Oil    NM

Like It was never there!


"It takes the pain away like it was never there... and smells great too! My neighbor was having severe back pain, so I leant her my bottle of Doc's Magic Oil. It helped her so much that she refused to give it back. She went from being doubled over in pain to moving boxes in less than 24 hours."

S R F     TN

Stiff Neck Gone...Amazing!!

My neck was so stiff I could barely turn my head from side to side. I got your oil in the afternoon and rolled it on my neck off and on til I went to bed. When I woke up my neck wasn't stiff and I could turn my head like normal. Amazing!!

Chris      Southwest Salt R

      Las Cruces

Massage Therapist - Breaking the Pain Cycle


Aloha friends, as a massage therapist on Maui I assist clients in unwinding their anywhere they may break the pain cycle is appreciated since it facilitates a deeper release. I use Doc's Magic Oil as one of tools in relieving a client's pain!! I highly recommend this product!
Chip Frank
Awakening Hands Bodywork

Healing Magic in a little bottle


I am so grateful for Doc's Magic Blend. It has helped relieve me of knee pain that I honestly thought would never go away. Being a big fan of Doc, it feels like a blend of his love, wisdom and healing magic all in a little bottle.

Marla Mervis-Hartmann CA

Got Pains? Check it Out!


Doc’s Magic Oil is great, I use it in combination with stretching and exercise to help my body recover and heal from the strains of long durations of drumming.
Loaded with good stuff and formulated by possibly the most remarkable heath professional I know.
Got pains? Check it out!

Joe Seltzer    NM

Experienced Essential Oil User Convinced


  I did not know how Doc's Magic Oil was going to help me, or if I was going to like the smell, or how I would feel after using it. I discovered that it has a very pleasant, clean, pure, soothing smell. The oils in this blend appear to have been studied and carefully selected to address different health issues. It helped me sooth and calm tension and relievied stuffiness when I rolled it on and under my nose,  cleared my daughters skin irritations after just a few applications.  It helped with headaches too. I'm convinced.

Maly F. from TX

Love the Roll on Applicator!

25+ years of martial art abuse has left my hands and thumbs in a lot of pain. Doc’s got the good stuff! Stain free roll on is brilliant and the cbd helps tremendously with the pain

Jake B     Seattle WA

Before a Run or Yoga...soothing

Docs magic oil is great! I use this stuff on my knees before a run or before yoga. It soothes and provides sense of relief, when not using it will generally leave me inflamed and in pain. A little goes along way! I also enjoy putting it on my neck and shoulders when I’m stressed or feeling tension. It slowly relaxes the muscles so that emotion that would normally hold on and keep me tight slides off and doesn't bother me! Works great and I would recommend it to anyone!r event? 

Low Back Pain Relief


I have felt relief from pain in my lower back and tension in my neck, using Doc's Magic Oil. I have also given some to my dad, who was suffering from pain in his lower back, and it brought him relief. It's a great product!

Debbie B  Las Cruces